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Shop > Giftware > Nostalgic Suitcases

These sets of two or three Nostalgic Suitcases are perfect for storing all your odds and ends. Great as display in bedrooms, living room and even for gift packaging. Just the thing for storing books, magazines, pillows, craft supplies and more.

Each piece is expertly crafted from lightweight wood, and is covered with artist's quality canvas featuring colourful art deco images.

La Françoise - 2 Pieces

Large: H:30cm x D:13cm x W:45cm Medium: H:24cm x D:11cm x W:40cm

Price: £58.00

La Françoise - 2 Pieces

Love & Peace - 3 Pieces

Large: H:23cm x D:12cm x W:35cm Medium: H:19cm x D:10cm x W:30cm Small: H:15cm x D:8 cm x W:25cm

Price: £95.00

Love & Peace - 3 Pieces

Butterfly Boxes - 3 Pieces

Large: H:29cm x D:13cm x W:33cm Medium: H:24cm x D:10cm x W:28cm Small: H:20cm x D:8cm x W:24cm

Price: £108.00

Butterfly Boxes - 3 Pieces

London Town - 3 Pieces

Large: H:30cm x D:14cm x W:45cm Medium: H:24cm x D:12cm x W:40cm Small: H:19cm x D:10cm x W:35cm

Price: £112.00

London Town - 3 Pieces

A Paris Postcard - 3 Pieces

Large: H:34cm x D:17cm x W:29cm Medium: H:30cm x D:15cm x W:25cm Small: H:26cm x D:13 cm x W:21cm

Price: £115.00

A Paris Postcard - 3 Pieces