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Shop > Giftware/Home Decoration > 2013 Posters & Cards

Beautifully designed and printed to the highest quality. These lunar charts would make a beautiful gifts or eye catching display pieces or even an alternative calendar. 

2013 LunarWave Card

W : 285mm H : 135mm; A beautiful lunar card showing the phases of the moon for each day of the year and detailing other interesting lunar events such as eclipses and Pagan moons. Can also be used as a postcard for sending to friends.

Price: £2.99

2013 LunarWave Card

2013 LunarWave Poster

W : 530mm H : 435mm; A stunning wall poster showing the different phases of the moon for everyday of the year. The main part of the calendar is set out in a giant spiral with the bottom section gives information on sunrise and sunset times as well as Pagan Moon information.

Price: £7.95

2013 LunarWave Poster